Saturday, February 11, 2012

Taking the Initiative

This winter, I've been delighted to see my youngest adopted Russian sister make great progress in character and development. Over the past year, her language had understandably consisted of "Ringlish" - a mixture of badly pronounced Russian and English words. This is why I've been so amazed to hear her speak more and more coherent English sentences this winter!

There were other ways in which she was developmentally delayed when she came. The Russian caregivers in her orphanage did a phenomenal job showing love to the kids, but God's design was really that children would develop in families where they could receive more personal attention and love. So at seven years old, my sister didn't understand what numbers, letters or colors signified. She didn't really know how to interact socially in most cases, and even when she did, she was wary and frightened about this new situation in America.

Now I can really see how God is healing her! Developmentally, she understands a lot of social cues, like how to say a cheerful "Good morning!" and how to clean up the toys she plays with. She now knows her colors, and is learning a lot in her schoolwork.

The thing that astonishes me the most is the evidence that God is working in her heart, not just her brain. She's taken the initiative to show others kindness on several recent occasions. One example is in these pictures, when she was eager to help with the chore of shoveling snow all of her own accord. She saw my brothers and me working away, and without being asked, she grabbed a shovel and started to dig into the task! I truly hope this pattern means her heart will be ripe to receive God's Good News in His timing.

Thank you, God, for working your healing in my youngest sister's life! It's really You who's taking the initiative!

- John


  1. It is truly a privilege to watch God work in people's lives - and I'm sure having a front row seat to watch Him work on your sister is just awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

  2. Praise the Lord! I love watching your new siblings grow and learn through your family's blogs!

  3. John, Your post so encourages me.

    I have wept more than once this week over Oksana's delays. Just today Lissie told me she felt sad for Oksana at the gathering of friends yesterday because your littlest sister had to just wander around the gym since she can't communicate with others outside our family yet. She's without friends.

    Thanks for reminding me that God is at work in our little beauty. We've watching Him heal so many difficulties in our family starting with your Cerebral Palsy when you were a toddler. I need to keep bowing before Him and trust the Great Physician to work miracles in Oksana's life.
    Love, Mumsie